Ooo. Lakeland...
As anticipated in the last News page Chris did manage an all too rare trip away from SE England at the beginning of last month. The visit to the English Lake District was, due to family commitments, a very fleeting one - but he did manage to capture a couple of panoramas.

One, shown above, was made at the well-known High Sweden Bridge - an old, but elegant, stone pack-horse bridge way above Ambleside.

The other (left) was was actually made on the same day, in this case close to Loughrigg Tarn, a rather surpringingly quiet sheet of water tucked away near Skelwith Bridge.

These are the first panoramas made by Chris in the Lake District National Park. In both cases clicking on their above titles will take you (in a new window) to their respective new collection images - and their Detail Demo sequences.

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