Exhibition - Square 1 Art, Arundel:
During this month, June 2011, three of Chris' landscape panoramas are being featured in a collective show at Square 1 Art, 1 Tarrant Square, Arundel. (As showing in the sequence to the right).

This opportunity to show in Arundel is well timed as Chris is not showing at this year's Arundel Trail in August.

Please note though that the exhibition is open just on Saturdays AND on Sunday 19th June. From 10am-4pm.

Chris will be in attendance personally on the Sunday.

Some more details are on the Exhibitions page.

New images:

A flurry of new images - notably landscapes - have been added to the image collections this month. They include the above Panoramic Landscape image.

It is provisionally entitled "The Heffalump Trap, Ashdown Forest" and as it's Collection image explains, afficionardos of AA Milne will understand the title's reference... (For the record: no evidence of any Heffalumps was encountered).

The image's Detail Demo can be viewed here.

Also new are no fewer than six Single Shot Landscapes that collectively illustrate the stunning colours that have been so in evidence in this most glorious of Springs.

The example shown here, to the right, is entitled "As Above, So Below". The other new shots can also be found in the Single Shot Landscapes collection (Some on the first page of it, some on the second).

In the pipeline: With so much centred around landscapes this month it may come as a welcome contrast to hear that word from Chris is that he is close to completing a Townscape of the centre of Arundel.

In fact it is a client-driven project that has been in the offing since last autumn as he has been waiting for the sun to move further north for the particular location. With the longest day rapidly approaching work has suddenly been leaping ahead (and then some!). 

As we are wont to say: More on this next month.   


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