New Images:
The images currently going through post prodcuction are, for the most part, the result of a series of pre-dawn starts.

Whilst all of Chris' panoramas suffer in Web presentation because of the limited detail that shows on-screen, one new image in particular, taken of the early morning mist lingering over the Weald, suffers more than most. For this reason we are presenting it here as a mini detail demo. It's collection image can be seen here.

By contrast, this second image was captured back in Littlehampton - close, to the location of the series of kiosk images that has been preoccupying Chris for some time.

In fact he was dissatisfied with a first attempted capture for the image and returned to the same spot a few days later for a retake.

Newly completed, the image has just joined the Panoramic Townscapes collection. It's collection image can be seen here.

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