An Exhibition: Henley Royal Regatta - 3-7 July 2013
After a year-long break in exhibiting* we are once again showing a Chris Ledger image this month...
The below panorama "The Henley Royal Regatta" is (appropriately enough) on display in the Stewards Enclosure at the Regatta itself.
Please note however: the Stewards Enclosure is only open to Regatta Members and their guests!

More details regarding the event at large can be had from the Henley Royal Regatta's own website.

The image is one of two made at last year's event and was commissioned by the Regatta management . It took a couple of months to complete, since when it has been held back intentionally so that it can make it's debut at the exhibition this year. It is intended that the other panorama made at last year's event will be making it's debut at the 2014 Regatta.

As to the prospect of this image joining a Collection here: Later this summer a new panoramic Collection is due to be released. It will bring together a number of images currently waiting in the wings - largely of a sporting venue nature. Including this one.

*Incidentally, the long gap in both exhibiting and, in truth, a recent reduction in the number of new works being added to the Collections, is due to an on-going illness in Chris' close family. Apologies to regular clients.

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