New images:
The recent monopoly of landscapes within these News pages of late is broken this month by the addition of a major new townscape panorama made in the centre of Arundel. As reported last month it originated as the result of a client commission way back at last year's Arundel Trail. 

Much patience was required - both of Chris and the clients - as they waited for the earth to tilt towards the sun! Anyway, at last the longer Spring days meant that the late afternoon sun fell squarely where it was needed - and the result is "High Street Arundel":

As ever though, a simple web view doesn't do the image justice. For a slightly better view it's Collection page - and hence it's "Detail Demo" sequence - can be seen here: High Street, Arundel.

Okay, so there are still a couple of new landscapes to report on too...
Those that have visited so-called "Constable Country", in Suffolk, will know that the locations for many of John Constable's large landscape images were made in the immediate vicinity of Flatford Mill (which was owned by his father).


The above image, just made by Chris, is pretty much from the exact spot from which Constable painted (or drew, prior to painting?) "The Haywain". Being a far wider view though it not only includes the famed "Willy Lott's Cottage" (at the left) but also the mill itself. The countryside has become a little more overgrown in the 180 years since Constable stood there but all-in-all the scene is very recognisable. Chris has called his image "Not the Haywain" (on account of how the cart itself had gone AWOL...). Again, the piece's collection image is here.

The other Landscape is "Ashdown Track", a second (see last month's News page) from Ashdown Forest, in East Sussex:



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