Big Server over the Net
Our principal project over this last month has been a less tangible one than usual (from your perspective that is): the migration of all our internal systems onto a new network attached server.

Whilst a picture of the new server might fascinate some...

New "Image Collections"
Choosing "IMAGE Collections" in the main menu, above, now leads to a brand new group of subject-based image "Collections " with lots of new features. So far there are Collections for Landscapes and Cityscapes - both sub-divided into Panoramic and "Single Shot" format images. Soon Townscapes will be joining the mix.

Tech Demos revamped
The "Tech Demos" have also been updated and enlarged. They now also include a new "Image Detail" demo that features the new "Piccadilly Circus..." panorama. (As illustrated - albeit smaller - in the two screen shots showing here).

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