New Images:
The featured images this month are both "SingleShot" ones made on a cold seafront at Littlehampton.

In "Yellow Beach Huts - 1" (see right) the subject was being lit by a low winter sun and because these particular huts are arranged in two arching lines the glossy painted fronts were reflecting the sunlight at varying angles. Realising this, Chris sought to position himself in such a way that the furthest visible hut was catching the most light -  dazzlingly so in fact.

With the best angle determined he then spent some time adjusting his "forward" / "backward" position - in combination with various changes in focal length. This finally produced this image.

But there was another twist: Just as this methodical composing stage was completed, some people walking dogs happened past. At that point - as is often the case - Chris switched into a more spontaneous mode.

In the end Chris decided that both resulting shots had distinctly different vitues and, as such, elected to keep both in the collection.

The other new image was taken a week or so earlier, at the opposite end of the seafront. Unlike the case above though, the day was - as its draft title "Arrangement in Grey, Cold and Wet" implies - much wilder.

Chris writes:
"There were very few people braving the weather but on reaching the end of the seafront I noticed a couple at the end of the short pier. One was wearing a bright red jacket. Beyond them, on the opposite side of the mouth of the River Arun, was a stationary, bright yellow JCB. These two splashes of colour struck me as an interesting counterpoint as everything else was - due to the flat light and overcaste sky - almost devoid of colour".

Fortunately, the couple seemed oblivious to the weather and remained in situ long enough for him to (again) devote plenty of time to composing the image in the camera viewfinder. Indeed, as they were taking photos themselves they were wandering back and forth thereby giving more varied opportunity.

Ironically, this led to a fair number of different shots and that, in turn, has left a dilema as to which is preferred... Consequently none has yet been added to a collection. Although, of the two shown here, the left one strikes us as more satisfying.

Website improvements:
There have been another number of website improvements to this website implemented again this month. Rather than laboriously listing all of them suffice to say that most areas have been updated in one way or another.

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