New Images:
Seven Dials - by night
After a gap of several years Chris has finally made it back to the West End junction of "Seven Dials" to check out the night-time possibilities of the location.

Even so, it was a week before conditions were deemed to be right for an evening of image capture.

After that, well into the new year, much work (initially on three distinctly separate versions) was undertaken. Ultimately though, the above version finally resulted. Fuller information - and a closer look - can be had care of it's Panoramic Cityscapes collection image. Please click it's illustration here to view it.

Climping Beach
By contrast, another new image was made in a somewhat different location: the wide expanses of a low-tide beach at Climping. (The illustration here is cropped).

The occasion was not specifically a photo shoot as such, as it was a family walk with Chris' brother and nephew and whilst images made in such circumstances would normally remain private this one, Chris felt, was sufficiently special to warrant wider viewing:

"Because the occasion was, as one might imagine, more of a walking and talking excursion I wasn't really expecting the one or two shots that I fired off to amount to much - or not in artistic terms at least but either I was working more instinctively than I realised OR (more likely!) I just got lucky. Either way, this shot struck me as pretty memorable on several levels".

Again, please click it's illustration here to view it's full collection image.

Chanctonbury... again
In January Chris managed to find time to head back to one of his favourite locations, Chanctonbury Ring, to make another couple of panoramas. Both are still in post production but a draft of the latter one is showing here as a taster. More news on this next month.

Collection updates:
Periodically we like to go through the various collections and assess their contents. This month we have, therefore, overhauled several of the SingleShot collections. Whilst a few new images have been added a larger number have (in the light of Chris' latest thinking) been culled.

We also managed to finally catch up on completing some of the image comments that had been outstanding for some while. Although we're still not done...

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