New Images...
New collection images this month include:

"Sussex Spring" (see below) a new addition that was actually taken almost three years ago. The image's collection page explains the circumstances.

By contrast, "Two Clouds (Twice)" (above) is the most recently completed single shot image made by Chris. It was taken, shortly after the sun had set, on the banks of the Arun river as it flows close to the village of Burpham, near Arundel.

New-Look Collection
In fact, both of the above have joined a collection that is the latest to received it's 2012 revamp: SingleShot Landscapes. That makes two months running that we have had a relaunch for improved displays and faster loading. SingleShot Misc will be the final makeover.

Exhibition coming
The next Chris Ledger exhibition, the Battersea Affordable Arts Fair, is on from 15th to 18th March and will include the debut showing of his "In Montmartre" panorama - his first in Paris.

More details - and a free ticket offer - can be found on the Exhibitions page (opens in a new window).    
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