LPotY 2010 exhibition continues:
The Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National Theatre on London's South Bank contiues throughout this month - and up until January 16th (Admission free).

Featuring more than 100 stunning photographs taken throughout the UK, the exhibition (and book of the same name) is quickly becoming a major annual event.

For the second year running two of Chris' images have been included. For the exhibition his "London from the Barbican: Pre-Dawn" is being exhibited as a 1.7 metre long panel. Please see the Exhibitions page for details of opening times etc.

Pictures of the exhibition are showing opposite. (Please note that the limited edition images sold via this site are, unlike the simple panels in the show, sold fully window mounted and archivally framed, under glass. "Pre-Dawn" can be seen here).

In a more general sense, we would also urge you:
Don't miss Canaletto at the NG...
The "Canaletto and His Rivals" exhibition currently on at the London National Gallery's Sainsbury Wing (also until 16th January) is simply stunning! Of the "rivals", the work of Bernardo Bellotto and Francesco Guardi are particular revelations - to us anyway. The oportunity to see related works - from disperate collections - hanging side by side is especially valuable.

...or Gauguin at Tate Modern
♦ The first major UK retrospective of Paul Gauguin for more than 50 years (at Tate Modern - also until 16th January) is rather special too! We hadn't appreciated how many of his greatest (Europe-based) paintings were made in 1888/89. What a purple patch! However, given that the period also included Gauguin's visit to Arles, why - we were rather mystified to see - does the exhibition omit all mention of van Gogh? Or did we miss something?

Collections upgrade now complete
♦ The updating of this site's "Image Collections" (see the above menu) has now been extended to all of the "Single Shot" ones. ALL collections now include "Detail Demos" of each image (Typically 5 details for the panoramic images and 2 each for the "single shot" ones). Also, all but the "Museum Pieces" images (which aren't for sale) have a dedicated Purchase Page each. Both of these features were previously only available for the panoramas.


New Images: 
♦ This month's new images include one - called "Lift" - just added to the new Museum Pieces collection.

Also shown here, left, it was made in a revamped area of the Victoria & Albert Museum and shows visitors to the museum travelling between floors.





♦ Another of the new intake has just been added to the Panoramic Townscapes collection. "Market Day, Arundel" is shown below.
UPDATE: This image has since been deleted from the collection.




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