This month: An Exhibition at the Arundel Museum...
This month there is an opportunity to see Chris Ledger images in a new exhibition as between 16th and 25rd August Chris will be exhibiting at the Arundel Trail in West Sussex. Whilst the Trail has in the past been a regular show for him, this is actually the first time he has taken part for three years.

Again it is a joint show together with two other photographers: the fine landscapist (and evergreen!) Bill Philip and newly emerging Anglo/French talent Camille Mack. The venue is the Arundel Museum.

More details are to be found on the Exhibitions page..

New Images
Following a first camera-in-hand visit to the South Kensington museums for quite a while, another image will shortly be joining the "Museum Pieces" collection. Pre-viewed here it was made in the marbled foyer of the Victoria & Albert Museum - from the exact same location as the existing collection work, "The Pink Bag" in fact. (Albeit looking in a different direction).

And in case you're interested...
When not puting the above-mentioned exhibition together, we have been heavily involved in migrating all of the CLP images catalog to a new database management system.

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