Exhibition: NOW!
With Chris' venue of previous years at the Arundel Gallery Trail not paritcipating this year, it was thought that we would not be showing there this time around...

However, in an eleventh hour move Andrea Schulewitz has stepped into the breach and consequently Chris IS showing four panoramas at Andrea's gallery, Square 1 Art during the festival period (20-29 August). This is right in the middle of town, next door to offical "Venue 9".

Please see the Exhibitions Page for fuller details and news of Chris Ledger Photography's next show - at the Brighton Art Fair - next month.

Coming next month: Major website improvements
As part of our on-going efforts at improving this site we are currently working all-out on major new changes. Some features are already in place, others will follow over the coming months.

Already up-and-running is this more neutral colour scheme - designed to allow the images to shine through - hopefully! Also already in place are links at the foot of each page for you to flag up your favourite images to friends, be it by email or - for those that are switched on to such things - on your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. (See the foot of this page, for example).

More importantly, early next month a rollout of new Collection pages will commense with the Panoramic Cityscapes collection. The most visible improvements will include automatic kicking-in of the Detail Demos (but with an option to switch them off), "rollover" navigation buttons and, in many cases, a fuller commentary on the image.

Also, each image will have a clearer and simpler ordering page, with PayPal taking over as the on-line payment method.

For those that are interested in the technical ins and outs: much of the work involved has been devoted to re-engineering the in-Photoshop Javascript code that produces the website images - notably in producing the "Detail Demo" pages automatically. (Getting the red lines to position themselves was... interesting!). Also, generation of the collection pages' HTML code is now being database driven which, in turn, will give us closer control of the order that the images appear within their collections. Finally, we are also taking the opportunity to vastly improve SEO. (That's Search Engine Optimisation for anyone else thats bothered to read this far!). There, we've told you...

The important point though is that all of these changes should produce a better - and easier to use - website.
Please let us know what you think of the changes.


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