Arundel Gallery Trail
After a break in showing at the Arundel Gallery Trail last year Chris has returned with an exhibition of new images at his venue at 19 King Street. 

The show is open until Monday 30th August. For more details please see the Exhibitions page.

New Images:
This month we have a new panorama seemingly made in thick woodland. In fact the wood concerned is all of 80 metres wide and is located just a few steps from the sea, near Ferring.

The gnarled and twisted shape of some of the older small trees - particularly those exposed to the ravages of the unimpeded salt-laden wind - give the image a distinctive feel.

Chris lingered after capturing the essential parts of the panorama with the thought of also taking miscellaneous people / dogs etc as they passed - in order to try various combinations that might complement the image. This small draft shows one such dog.

13th August Update: The dog - and all other potential additions - have since been dropped.

Now titled "Woodland Path", it can be seen here  


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