TOWNscapes go live
As you can see from the new drop-down Image Collections menu above, Panoramic Townscapes and Singleshot Townscapes  have joined the Image Collections list. For the most part they contain images that were orphaned when the new Collections were introduced in June.

Work has also begun on an all new collection: " Museum Pieces". (ie images recently made in museums). ETA is September - but even when they do appear, the images in question are likely to be barred from sale. This is due to museum rules.

New Images
As shown above, one addition to the new collections is the newly completed panorama "Hanging Out, Littlehampton Seafront" (provisional title). It is a third pano in the on-going preoccupation that Chris has with the kiosks, near to the town's Harbour Park. You may also have just seen it on our "Splash Page".

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Other new images include "Nelson's Embrace" (see left). taken at Nelson Mandela's statue in London's Parliament Square. The emphasis is, as the title implies, on the extended, conciliatry arms of friendship - especially the statue's open hand.

It joins the Single Shot Cityscapes collection. (Which will receive further additions next month too).

Meanwhile, at the National Gallery...
The third new work shown here is a grabbed shot taken of a side room off the National Gallery's busy Corot to Monet exhibition. It's outcome was uncertain as the light was low and the moment fleeting.

The quote on the wall is clear in the image itself and reads: "Beauty in art is truth based on the impression we have received observing nature. Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot".

With apologies to M. Corot then, Chris has ellected to call the image "Beauty in Art is Truth". It won't be joining a collection until the above-mentioned "Museum Pieces" is launched.

[PS. Again, many thanks to the child's parents. As discussed, we'd be pleased to hear from you: Contact].

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