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Much of Chris's time is currently being spent working on a couple of commercial commissions that resulted from last month's exhibition at Battersea. One is for a number of panoramas in The City (of London). The other is for a rooftop panorama in the middle of Cambridge.

Both are under wraps for the time being. However, we can report - and show - two other new images that are also under way:

"Bank" (see above)
The first is a panorama made adjacent to London's Bank station. Although not a part of the above-mentioned commission, this was also captured in the centre of the financial area of the city and features the Bank of England itself.

In fact the above is a provisional draft - and Detail Demo sequence (as with all our Detail Demos, hovering your mouse over the image reveals buttons that can pause and control the display sequence) because at time of writing (9th April) Chris is experimenting with a crop that could see large areas (epecially of the right side) being trimmed away. He is also trying different combinations of the foreground figures.

Watch this space for developments.

"At Any Time" (see right)
Also waiting in the sidelines is this, another capture in the series of shop window reflections that belatedly joined the SingleShot Misc Collection last month.

In fact it was taken on the opposite corner to one of those last month images, "Off the Wall Retro" so they share a reflection of the same bridge.

This one though is a completely new image, having been made just last week. It is yet to join the collection as Chris is weighing up more than one version of it.

On the horizon:
  With a flying visit to Cumbria scheduled for the beginning of May, there is the tempting prospect of new Lake District landscape images being added in the near future.

This will only be the second foray into Chris' beloved Lakes in the last five years (he is reporting withdrawal symptoms!).
We are keeping our fingers crossed that he could make a first landscape panorama there.  


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