Post Battersea...
Producing and delivering panoramic cityscape orders in the wake of March's hugely successful Battersea Affordable Arts Fair has kept us very busy over the past three weeks. 

Many thanks to the many new collectors of Chris' work. We hope to see you - along with other clients - later in the year at his Arundel Trail show in Sussex. Unlike recent London shows, Arundel will also feature his more recent (and largely unexhibited) landscape images.

Speaking of which...

New images
11th April update: Despite the time consuming exhibition aftermath period, Chris is still working on some new images.

In particular there are a couple of South Downs panoramas in post production. 

Whilst he does say that he's "not too sure" about one, the other is showing here as a draft preview. (Apparently he is concidering a fairly substantial crop of the left side).

Certificates of Authenticity
One knock-on development from the Battersea show has been - at client request - the introduction of a signed "Certificate of Authenticity" (see left) with each limited edition image.

In fact, having provided these for the new Battersea sales we are also looking to do so retrospectively for all images sold to date.

Purchase Enquiries
Meanwhile, website rollout of the new on-screen Purchase Enquiry Forms (see the detail right) is now complete for all panoramic collection images. 

This means that when viewing any panoramic image within a collection, an image-specific form is just a click away.

It can be used to either place an order for the image there and then, or, without commitment, simply make an enquiry about it.


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