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Piccadilly CircusChinatown Night 2Look Left
Piccadilly Circus
Chinatown Night 2
Look Left

Aldersgate StreetFouberts Place
Nobody Gets Hurt
Aldersgate Street
Fouberts Place

Carnaby Street 1Carnaby Street 2Cowcross Street
Carnaby Street 1
Carnaby Street 2
Cowcross Street

Barbican: Pre-DawnGetting the ShotBarbican: Passing Rain
Barbican: Pre-Dawn
Getting the Shot
Barbican: Passing Rain

Cranes / St PaulsChinatown: DuskTower Bridge
Cranes / St Pauls
Chinatown: Dusk
Tower Bridge

Barbican: Post SunsetNeals YardThis Way to Heaven
Barbican: Post Sunset
Neals Yard
This Way to Heaven

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