1975: Fine Art BA in Painting [  ].

1980s: Gradual switch to photography. eg these made in SE Asia [] in 1981.

For many years Work (and climbing! []) took priority.

Late 90s: Digital kick-started a sustained revival []. 

2006: A first one-man London show prompted good sales and a full time commitment.

2007: A cityscapes commission started Chris on large, detailed panoramic images.

Following a move to Sussex, Chris debuted these at the 2007 Arundel Festival.

2008: Critical recognition followed with Professional Photographer magazine's ►Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year award (January).

Corporate commissions. Incl eight West End panoramas for Shaftesbury plc.

2009: Several London exhibitions maintained the momentum. Notably 22 panoramas at London's Barbican Library. Art Fair sales took off.

In Nov two of Chris' "single shot" images were included in the book of Take-a-View's Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards.

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