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Chris Ledger came to Photography by way of a Fine Art degree in Painting [  ].
An early example of a photo series is this [] made in Northern Thailand in 1981.

Even so, involvement in climbing [] took priority for some years - until the advent of digital saw Photography take centre stage []. 

A successful 2006 one-man show in London led to a commission for a series of high level London cityscapes. This proved pivotal as Chris committed to photography full time and embarked on large, minutely detailed panoramic images.

Having moved to Sussex, Chris showed the first of these - both cityscapes and landscapes - at the 2007 Arundel Festival. Reaction was positive. Likewise sales.

Critical recognition followed with the award of Professional Photographer magazine's ►Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year (Jan 2008). As a consequence the remainder of 2008 was largely spent working on various corporate commissions - including one for eight West End panoramas for Shaftesbury plc.

In 2009 a flurry of London exhibitions maintained this momentum. Notably 22 panoramas at London's Barbican Library. Art Fair sales were particularly strong.

In Nov 2009 two of Chris' "single shot" images were included in the book of Take-a-View's Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards.

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